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There are usually more than one way to achieve the tageted operational temperature for electronics devices. We are here to help you find the easiest and cheapest solution for your design. To find out more, just call us!

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New Product

PAKCOOL® 2-part potting compound TPC-213-UR for fiber laser heat conducting and moistureproof

    Chooyu's PAKCOOL®TPC-213-UR is a high performance, thermally conductive liquid potting material supplied as a two-component, room or elevated temperature curing system.TPC-213-UR is formulated specially for fiber laser application. A and B parts are both white, and after cure, it is soft jelly-like material with low hardness and stress to protect the electronic components. TPC-213-UR can be used in high power double cladding fiber laser to improve the contacts between fiber and the aluminium fiber cooling plate so that the heat can be conducted out. TPC-213-UR is non hydrophilic and can help in moisture proof and help extend the lifetime of fiber laser. Before cure, it has excellent flowability for dispensing and potting. After cure, it does not pump from the interface upon thermal cycling. The cured product is dry to the touch. You are welcome to ask for free samples to do testing.

PAKCOOL®Thermally conductive plastics TPP-8130,TPP-7130

    PAKCOOL® PAKCOOLŪ TPP-8130, TPP-7130 are insulated thermally conductive plastics with high thermal conductivity(15w/m*K per ASTM E1461),high strength and excellent flexibility (with Nominal Strain @ Break of 7%), designed for LED lighting market and electronics devices. TPP7130, TPP8130 can meet the requirements of most LED manufactures. TPP7130 is based on PA66. It has been modified with thermal conductivity and flexibility. Besides the LED bulb heat sinks, TPP7130/8130 can be used in plastics cases for power adapter, UPS and other devices that need insulation and heat dissipation.TPP-8130 is based on PP. The modification type of TPP8130 has been improved with great tensile property, and is the first insulated thermally conductive plastic that can be used for extrusion processing. Used in LED tubes to replace aluminium heat sink, it can be more safe and helpful in heat dissipation.

     In order to provide reference design for customer in using TPP7130/TPP8130, Chooyu developed a heat sink cup for A60 LED bulb, and assembled with LED boards & LED driver for testing. The result are that the temperatures of soldering point of LED components are 63?C, 67?C and 73?C corresponding to 7w, 8w and 9w LED module respectively. for more detail information, you can check The testing result for Chooyuchem'A60 LED bulb heat sink with (7w/8w/9w) on LED board for requiring chooyuchem A60 heat sink sample to do testing, please contact with Chooyuchem sales

Certified Management System

Shanghai Chooyu Chemical Co., Ltd. practices the ISO9001:2008 management system standards and it is certified by Intertek Testing Service NA, Inc.

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